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Welcome to the official documentation for ISOT, a comprehensive database designed to manage a diverse collection of skills. In this documentation, you will find detailed information on how to navigate the ISOT database, understand its hierarchical structure, and efficiently retrieve valuable skills for various purposes.


ISOT encompasses a wide array of skills, including knowledge, activities, tools and technologies, soft skills, certifications, domain experience, and more. The core concept revolves around organizing these skills in a hierarchical structure to facilitate seamless navigation and efficient retrieval.

Skill Hierarchy

The collection of skills in the ISOT database is organized hierarchically, providing a systematic approach to categorize and understand relationships among various skills. For instance, a specific skill like JavaScript programming can be categorized under a broader skill category such as "Web Development," which, in turn, may be grouped under a higher-level skill category like "Computer Science." This hierarchical arrangement ensures a logical and structured representation of skills.

Example Structure

ISOT Structure

The accompanying diagram illustrates a simplified example of the ISOT structure, showcasing how skills are organized within the database.

Getting Started

To make the most of ISOT, follow the guidelines provided in the subsequent sections. Whether you're a developer, recruiter, or learner, this documentation will guide you through the process of utilizing ISOT efficiently.

Feel free to explore the various features and functionalities that ISOT offers, enhancing your ability to manage, categorize, and retrieve skills effectively.

Thank you for choosing ISOT for your skill management needs. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please refer to the support section or reach out to our dedicated support team. Happy skill exploring!